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“Poiema is a Sports Marketing & Management company".

Poiema is a Sports Marketing & Management company havingexpertise in Professional Sports Coaching on grassroot level, Brand engagement activities and organizing Corporate Sports Events & Tournaments. Supported by a smart team with expertise in Sports, Marketing, Media, CSD, Hospitality and Health & Fitness we go all-out for excellence across all our business verticals.

“ Poiema is a Sports Marketing & Management company".

Poiema aims to provide well-organized professional sports coaching&recreation,suitablydesigned to accommodate any level of play commensurate with our players individual ability, potential, and interest while emphasizing a positive experience and instilling the core values of discipline, passion, perseverance, respect, integrity and stewardship.

Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.”.

To be regarded as one of the world’s top elite sporting organisation, distinguished to inspire and engage every living soul to play sports with passion and purpose.

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